Win a combi ticket for Herbert Grönemeyer

Update 2/5/2012: Congratulations Jürgen Osma and Willem-Jan Vandeput, you won the combi tickets. We will contact you by e-mail.

East Belgium rocks, and not only by figure of speech :-) .

On May 17 the German star Herbert Grönemeyer gives an open air concert in Lontzen.
Mobile Vikings has two combi tickets for the event. If you feel like going, please fill out the form below before the 1st of May 11pm. On the 2nd of May we will announce the two winners. Those are the ones having the first question right, and being closest to the subsidiary question.

Good luck!

PS On June 2 and August 4, dancing Graffiti organizes two open air events. Place to be: East Belgium of course ;-) . For the latter we will give away tickets later on.

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