What’s your deal?

UPDATE 06/08 – Thanks for your feedback! We’ve learnt a lot from your many responses and remarks. The two biggest lessons? You want more deals for food, shopping & gadgets and you want us to keep you up to date about new deals. Now it’s our turn to use your valuable feedback and implement it where we can. We’ll keep you posted!

We’re interested. We’re interested in YOU and in knowing what YOU WANT. Whatever we do, we always want to take our members and their opinion into consideration. So tell us: what do you want (from us) and what type of deals would you like to see on VikingSpots.com?

Not sure what VikingSpots is? It’s our new web site that shows you where the hottest places in town are. Find out what your friends and fellow Vikings are saying about places nearby and add comments to share your thoughts about the local pizza place, the new bar or the fancy store around the corner. Download our free app for iOS or Android and start discovering instantly.

We’ve also started adding deals to VikingSpots. Yes: deals, bargains, discounts, rebajas, Skonto… Why? Because we want you to earn Viking Points. How? Each time you redeem a coupon for a deal on VikingSpots, you receive Viking Points. And yes, that means calling, texting and surfing for free even more!

But first, we’d like to know what deals our Vikings are after. That’s why we’ve created a little poll for you. So go ahead, fill out the poll here and let us know. It’ll only take three minutes and we might be able to give you exactly what you’re after! ☺

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9 Responses to What’s your deal?

  1. Mateo says:

    I’d like to see a WP version of VikingSpots.

  2. Tine says:

    Free food with purchase of other products (for food places obviously)

  3. mobauser says:

    prefer call credits

  4. Jos Moubax says:

    Graag meer Vikingspots in de regio Maaseik-Bree, want daar is het maar magertjes….

  5. Nick says:

    The only thing that I want to see from you guys is 2000 sms to every provider or more .
    If that happens I wil be a mobile viking forever.

  6. jeff dupont says:

    More Viking spots. upgrade network to 3g, the reach is to weak… I safe money with vikings, but lose too if they can’t reach me…

  7. Pieter says:

    Please go abroad, or make some roaming plan. for example 15 euro for 1000MB roaming or something like that

  8. Frank says:

    Lol’d @ all the unrealistic demands

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