We give away a signed copy of “De Conversation Company”!

Update: at 8/3, 12am we registered 46 reasons to be proud to be a Viking. The most original was the one of Michael :
“A close group of men, women, youngsters, but even granddads and grandmums. Ready to board their Drakkars. Not to conquer the world by using violence, but instead to spread the idea about a world of free mobile internet. After a long time of roaming, and infinite looks at the horizon, I finally was so happy to see the shapes of the Drakkars there. I finally knew I could be part of that great community where everybody is equal and everybody gets the best possible service. Finally, I became.. a MOBILE VIKING! (and I am proud of that!).”
He will soon get the unique signed copy of “De conversation Company”

Yesterday we went to the book launch of “De Conversation Company” written by Steven Van Belleghem. Mobile Vikings was mentioned during the presentation and is used as an example in the book. Why? Because Vikings are proud to be Vikings: some of you develop apps for us, you tell your friends about us, you give us feedback,… And that’s what makes Mobile Vikings quite unique.

Therefore we would like to share this book with you. We give away a unique copy, signed by the one and only Steven Van Belleghem!
What do you have to do? In the form below we ask you why you are proud to be a Viking and your name and email address so we can contact you if you have won. We will send the signed copy to the person with the most original answer. You can participate from 7/3 12am until 8/3 12am.
Be creative! ;-)

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5 Responses to We give away a signed copy of “De Conversation Company”!

  1. Michiel says:

    Ik ben trots om viking te zijn omdat ik het mobiele internet geweldig vind! Andere providers blijven achterop hinken qua mobiele data. En als mensen van proximus of mobistar me aanspreken en vragen bij welke provider ik zit ze altijd met hun mond vol tanden staan als ik trots Mobile Vikings zeg.

  2. Annelies says:

    Ik ben trots om een viking te zijn, omdat ze echt vooruitstrevend zijn! We zijn zo trots dat we ons zoontje zelfs naar een vikinggod noemden ;-) (Thor)

  3. Proud to use Viking, belgian startup with excellent ideas, for the cheapest price. What else!?

  4. Matthias says:

    We Vikings are brave and stubborn to set sail to distant shores, to the unknown, going were no telecom provider has gone before. During our journey Mobile Vikings has taken the wind of others. At last, the New World is finally in sight, bringing prosperity towards all customers and shaping our future. The Word has spread, our cause supported by many.

    As a Mobile Viking I’m proud to be part of this revolutionary community, knowing that I’m supporting a better future and changing how companies behave towards customers.

    Still, our journey has just begun. There will be some storms ahead (in the telecom sector), but none a Viking won’t survive!

  5. Tom Bogman says:

    Omdat ik – als toch wel intensieve gebruiker – van € 80 per maand naar € 20 per maand ben gegaan én er nog eens een superservice bovenop kreeg.

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