Update of our payment system to give you more freedom

Yesterday night we updated our payment system. With only one reason: to make your Viking life even easier than it already is ;-) .

    What has changed?

  • From now on, you can not only use direct debit for sms and automatic top-ups, but also your Visa and MasterCard. In other words: Once you have linked your sim to your credit card, you can choose to reload via a simple sms. Or, you can set up your smartphone so it tops up automatically when your credit reaches a certain level for example.
  • We have added a ‘Top up now’ button on our website. If you have an active direct debit, or if you linked a Visa or MasterCard to your account, you can reload superfast this way. Also Viking Points can be redeemed via the same button.

In other words, it’s more than ever totally up to you to decide when and where to reload. For a Viking, freedom is the key!

Curious? Surf to our website and take a look at our new payment settings or try out the ‘Top up now’ button!
More information about what easy payment can exactly do for you can be found in the screenshots below.
You can also surf to this overview on our website: in English, in Dutch or in French.

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9 Responses to Update of our payment system to give you more freedom

  1. petur says:

    All really fine, but when are you going to add some grace period to the top-up? The expire date still contains a time, so when I topped up last time at 13:00, and for some reason top up the next month at 15:00, any SMS I send inbetween is charged!
    Please stop that madness…..

  2. wim says:

    mooie releasedag.. 1 april?.. nee?
    er zal wel ergens iets achter zitten..

    • Jan Fabry says:

      There is a very simple reason we launched this today: the underlying bookkeeping system was upgraded too. Every month (and certainly every quarter) there is a fiscal check, and we wanted to keep things simple by not mixing transactions from multiple systems.

  3. Extremely usefull!!! Thanks a lot.


  4. Jan says:

    Question: do you have to check the ‘make Ogone keep your data for further transactions’? Because I tried this without this check, and the card came up as ‘unconfigured’ and ‘unusable’.

    • Jan Fabry says:

      Indeed, you allow Ogone to store the card info, so we can say “hey, this user wants to give us 15 euro” to them when you send us an SMS or you hit an auto topup setting.

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