Secret project ‘VikingSpots’ launched

Vikings living, working or relaxing in Hasselt were invited today, and also at the 22nd of December, to join our ‘secret project meeting’. Together with them, we want to bring the city alive. Virtually. The name of the project? VikingSpots.

The story?
Everybody has the right for drinking water, energy and education. Similarly, we believe that everyone should have free access to information and digital services. Mobile Vikings wants to be a movement that accelerates this process. We think that VikingSpots can help to achieve this. Part of the idea is to offer deals, with which you can also win Vikingpoints. Like that, mobile gets cheaper and cheaper.

Why the secret project?
There is a lot we still have to figure out. That’s why we want to experiment together with our Vikings on a very small, local scale. What do they expect of a virtual city? What do they need if they want to build apps on the platform? How do they see the ‘deals concept’? … The Hasselt-Vikings who responded to our earlier mail, are the first to test our platform.

The experiment with our Hasselt-Vikings will take as long as needed. At any case, the roll-out of the project is planned for the first half of 2012. Vikings not participating in the project will learn about the experiment on Facebook and Twitter, so no worries :-)

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