Up to the next level, 4G in Belgium: the story continues…

Vikings, you know we want to keep you up to date about the latest 4G developments. Well, here’s another update. We present to you: 4G the story, part 4!

It’s been 2 months now since the 4G connection has been opened up. And we are happy to inform you, the network reach is still expanding, hurrah! If you want to know where the 4G network is available already, take a look at the help & support section on our website.

For Samsung users
Vikings with a Samsung Galaxy S4 device can perform the new update via Kies. Good news because now you can stream videos, download all kinds of stuff, share your media on social media and make video calls with your Viking friends as if you’re using your fixed connection at home. Other Samsung devices still have to be enrolled step by step, so please be patient Vikings :-) .

For iPhone users
Unfortunately the situation is still the same. Apple doesn’t want to open up the network :-( . (If you want to show your frustrations, you can like and/or share this Belgian Facebook page and sign the petition).

Our 4G form
And… at last, we want to ask you again to fill out our form (that is, if you have been testing 4G), for the sake of superfast mobile Internet :-) !

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Saint Nicholas

Update – 5/11: Thank you Vikings, the Viking Saint is glad that he received a lot of letters from you. He agrees that all of you have been very good. But the 3 Vikings of the letters underneath will receive a helmet full of sweets for their extra effort. Steven, Stephanie and Hendrik: place your shoe because within a few days, you’ll get the Viking Saint present you deserve! Oh and don’t forget to check your emails today.

This won’t be a big newsflash for you Vikings, you probably know we are the kindest and best Vikings who ever lived! ;-) That’s why Saint Nicholas and his black Petes didn’t forget us this year. So yesterday we’ve placed our helmets (because you know, shoes are simply too small and not enough Vikingish) and look what happened last night! The Saint and his Petes filled it up with very yummy sweets!

So Vikings, have you been good too? Because we want to share this load of sweets with our Vikings who are so well. Do you want one of these helmets? Then place your shoe (or helmet if you have one) and write us a letter in which you convince us why you’ve been a good Viking this year. May Viking with the most saint letter win!

PS: if you place your helmet, just like Black Pete the Viking Saint also likes beer ;-)

Here you can find the lovely letters for the Viking Saint.

A year or two ago a Belgian warrior kept investing 15 golden coins each month to assemble an army. Unlucky as he was, the army he paid for was weak and they just disappeared with the tiniest bit of effort.

A fellow warrior, a Viking, told him to join his kingdom. Even though this warrior’s offer was hard to resist, he had his doubts. But he took the risk and decided to give it a shot with these upcoming Vikings.

Since his switch the warrior, once unlucky, was happier than before. With the same amount of investment he now received 2 G(reat)B(attlers), 2000 S(uper)M(ighty)S(amurais) and 100 minutes to encourage his troops.

And to his own surprise, he had trouble finding enough fights to consume all these troops!

But… There’s still one thing lacking in this warrior’s equipment. He doesn’t have a helmet yet! Help this warrior out (he’s hungry as well).

The Belgian Warrior


I have been a good Viking this year because of the fact that being a Viking is for me a state of living, which can be described by the following key words:

M oney saving operator
O utrageous offers
B rilliant ideas
I nteresting price deals
L ess expensive than other operators
E verywhere available by sms, mms or internet

V igorous
I deology
K ing of the telecom operators
I nitiator of the most competitive telecom operator
N egligible costs
G enerous Vikings
S uperior service

By living according these key topics related to Mobile Vikings, I’m definitely sure that Saint Nicholas will see me as a good Viking ;)


Dear Mobile Viking Saint Nicholas,

Toen ik over al dat zoets las
Begon het kwijl al uit mijn mond te sijpelen
en moest ik niet langer twijfelen
deze trouwe viking is heel braaf geweest
en het hele jaar bezig geweest
met andere mensen te overtuigen
zich niet meer te lagen leegzuigen
door andere operatoren
ik ben echt als trouwe viking geboren
ik hoop dat ik met deze brief bij jullie kan scoren
en binnenkort kan genieten
van chocoladezwartepieten
als dat natuurlijk nog mag
vandaag de dag :)

Met hartelijke groet,
een meisje dat nood heeft aan zoet.

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Knarr on Christmas tour 2013

Christmas is coming and so is our Knarr sleigh :-) ! From December 9 to December 13 we’ll be visiting 5 different cities to have a good Christmas time together with you Vikings. Ask your questions to one of our service desk agents, have a little chat with us or other Vikings, or just drink a hot cocoa with us. And just like last year, we want to donate to good causes and you can help us. How? By showing up and helping us decorate our Viking Christmas tree!

Where will our Knarr sleigh land exactly?
You Vikings helped us well when we asked you which good cause we should support :-) .This year we’ll be visiting the cities: Maaseik, Leuven, Liège, Louvain-La-Neuve and Kortrijk to meet you. And also because it’s Christmas, we will be supporting a good cause that is located in these cities. This is where we’ll be heading and putting up our Knarr:

In every city, we’ll be welcoming you between 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM. So come and join us at these locations, because, for every Viking showing up, we donate € 10 at the good cause of that day.

A Christmas without gifts?
Nah, that’s impossible. As Santa’s little Vikings, we also bring you presents. First of all, we’ll make you a nice cup of hot chocolate to keep you warm.
But that’s not all! Mamzel is so kind, to hand out 10 I-Gloves, to assure you’ll have a warm, warm Christmas. We’ll wrap these up in a nice piece of paper and lay 2 presents per day under our tree. Vikings with the lucky number of the Viking raffle, won’t complain about having cold fingers this winter!

And… last but not least, we’ll dare you to do the city challenge again. The winning city will be the one that gathers the most Vikings and thus collects the most money for the local charity. We will give 150 Viking Points (that’s € 15 calling credit) to every Viking that was present at our Knarr in that city between 11:30 AM and 12.30 PM. A lovely present don’t you think?

A Christmas without a tree?
Not possible either! We won’t set up our Christmas tree in our office this year. We thought it would be more fun if we can build it together with you. If you have an eye for decorating and designing the perfect Viking Christmas tree, here’s your chance to prove it! :-) We’ll bring our Christmas tools but you can also bring yours.

So put on your warm clothes and come join us for a nice Christmas present or a hot cup of chocolate :-) . Want to know how the Christmas tour last year went? You can read it all here: Knarr on Christmas tour 2012.

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New tariffs = New Viking contact cards


About two weeks ago, we gave you the opportunity to order 20 personalized Viking contact cards, in return for 50 Viking Points. These cards could be used as a tool to convince your friends to become a Viking. As you all know, you have until April 7, 2014, to convince 5 friends to become a Viking. If you succeed you receive one year of Mobile Vikings for free! Want to know more about this, read our previous blog on this subject.

Of course, since we lowered our calling rates, we’re now offering the possibility to order the new and improved version of our personalized Viking contact cards (those who ordered the old cards will receive or have already received this new version).

So here it is:

Once again we blurred Haggar's phone number since he isn't that much of a talker.

Inside these cards, you’ll find our new bundles.

Do you want your own personalized Viking contact cards? Here is what you have to do:

  • Check if you have enough Viking Points on your account. You need 50 available Viking Points. Not enough Viking Points? It’s not too late to convince a friend! :-)
  • Create your personal Viking site on www.becomeviking.com if you haven’t done this yet.
  • Fill out the form below.

We will handle all these requests manually. Therefore, it might take 2 weeks (max.!) before your Viking contact cards will find their way to your letterbox. You can order these cards until December 13, 11 am. Every Viking can place 2 orders max.

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Win a ticket for the iMinds conference on December 5

Update 29/11 – And we have our winners! Congratulations to Matthias, Thomas, Willem-Jan, Pieter and Kurt you’ll soon receive an email with your entrance code. For the Vikings who didn’t win but also want to attend the conference, we have a little consolation prize :-) . For Vikings who can’t wait to get a ticket, if you fill out the code iMinds20MV during your registration, you can get a reduction of 20% on the entrance fee.

Vikings, do you know iMinds? The Flemish research institute that stimulates ICT and technology innovations? On December 5, they’re having a conference at Square, in Brussels. You know we want to stimulate our Vikings to do all kinds of innovational stuff so that’s why we’re handing out 5 tickets to you :-) .

So, what exactly is this conference about? This year, they decided to dedicate the event to ICT-driven innovation in Europe. All day long, you can visit workshops, witness keynote speeches or just mingle among other attendants. Afterwards, there’s an after party at which you can shake a leg ;-) . Find the full program on the conference’s website.

So if you’re interested in winning one of the tickets: join our competition below. You’ll have until Friday November 29, 4pm to fill out the form. The winners will be contacted by email. Good luck! For Vikings who can’t wait to get a ticket: if you fill out the code iMinds20MV during your registration, you can get a reduction of 20% on the entrance fee.

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Mobile Vikings is going Polska!

A year ago, Mobile Vikings launched in the Netherlands and now, we’re continuing this international expansion. So here is the big news: Mobile Vikings is going Polska! Harr harr hurray!

To make sure our Polish Viking ship is sailing in the right direction, we have our own offices in Poland, located in Wroclaw.

What will we offer?
If you want to learn more about the offer check out our Polish Facebook page (thank goodness for Google translate :-) ). To order a SIM card you’ll have to wait until December 4. In general we’ll have the same values as in Belgium: a strong focus on mobile data and our community and a helpdesk that helps our Vikings in the best way we can, whether this is by phone, email, Facebook or face to face.

Polish for dummies?
To improve the communication between the Belgian office and our Polish colleagues, we introduced the ‘Polish word of the day’. We’ve already learned a lot and of course we want to share this with our Vikings as well:

Good morning: Dzień dobry
Support: Wsparcie
Axe: Siekiera
Mobile phone: Komórka
Congratulations: Gratulacje
Help me: Pomóż mi
Top-up: Doładowanie
Viking: Wiking

So Vikings, if you want to follow our adventures in Poland, keep an eye on the website. Zostańcie z nami!

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Our delicious prepaid menu, with the advantages of a fixed contract if you wish #Doctor Viking 18

We receive quite some questions of Vikings(-to-be) concerning prepaid versus a fixed contract.
Therefore this post: What makes a Mobile Vikings SIM card really prepaid and how can you be prepaid with the advantages of a fixed contract ‘chez Mobile Vikings’. We present you our delicious prepaid menu :-) .

Prepaid at Mobile Vikings, what is it exactly?

    1. Your calling credit remains valid

Imagine: a month has gone by and you haven’t called a lot. What will happen now? Does this mean you’ve lost your remaining calling credit? Gone with the wind :-( ? Fortunately, that isn’t the case for a prepaid card of Mobile Vikings. As opposed to a fixed contract, your calling credit will be transferred to the next month, so that you can further use it for your SMS, phone calls and data usage ((outside the bundle) tariffs). Thank God ;-) . At Mobile Vikings, your calling credit is valid during 6 months.

    2. Decide for yourself when to top top up and what amount you want to top up with

Desperately in need of some more calling credit? Or do you need less? By using a prepaid SIM card, you decide when you top up. You’re thus not obliged to top up every month again and again. Why not skip a month and save some money? Moreover, you also choose what amount you want to top up with. So it’s possible to switch between our different bundles of €10, €15, €25 and €50 anytime.

    3. Keep control of your budget

Ay caramba! Have you received a nasty invoice at the end of the month with your fixed contract? If you use a prepaid card, you’ll always be the puppet-master of your own usage. If you are consuming a lot of mobile data (without maybe being properly aware of it), your data connection will be shut down when you’ve reached your credit limit and the system won’t keep counting. Bye bye to huge invoices.

And what advantages of fixed contracts are there?

At Mobile Vikings, we integrated the main advantages of fixed contract formulas :-) . You can among others:

    1) use an automatic payment system through Easy Payment. Like that, you never run out of calling credit: you choose when you want our system to do a top-up for you (eg when your calling credit drops below a certain amount)
    2) check your usage in detail on our website,
    3) receive an invoice with an overview of your previous top-ups.

As you see, you are fully prepared to sail the rough telecom seas with us ;-) . And no doubt about it: we very consciously chose to be prepaid: we don’t want to tie your hands with fixed contracts. We want to give you all the liberty you deserve, with the advantage of a fixed contract if you want. Yes! So choose from our splendid prepaid menu. Bon appétit!

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Lowered calling rates, a bundle of € 50

Vikings, it’s time for a calling rate move!

Listening to you, that’s what we try to do at any time. More calling minutes, you say? Hmm, Christmas is almost here… And of course, your Viking wish is our command, so we’d like to present to you: our lowered calling rates! Warning: this is only valid for new Vikings! Just kidding! New advantages are, as always, also valid for existing Vikings ;-) . Vikings could already call each other for free, but from now on, Vikings can also call at a cheaper rate to non-Vikings!

Topping up with € 10? As of your next top-up, you will call at a rate of € 0,20/min. instead of € 0,33/min. That’s a reduction no less than 39%! From 30 calling minutes to 50. Quite reasonable, isn’t it? Or do you prefer to top up with € 15? Then you’re calling at € 0,15/min. instead of € 0,20/min., which allows you to call 100 minutes instead of 75. You’re welcome :-) ! We’ve also lowered the calling rates for the other price plans. Check it out:

The small print: outside your bundle (one month after your last top-up), you call at
€ 0,20/min. by default, which corresponds to the calling rate of the € 10 bundle. But pay attention when you top up for € 15, € 25 or € 50.

And if you’re planning to jump from one bundle to another (‘cause Vikings can change course at any time), you’ll see that the € 40 and € 60 bundles got renamed: the € 50 bundle, just as fancy as the other bundles! For more details, check out our offer!

Now that we’re already in the Christmas mood with this early Christmas gift: we would like you to receive the perfect gift. On our website, we have some cool Viking Christmas tools which you can use to give your friends and family a subtle hint. Or you can use them to give your Christmas tree an original touch: the Viking touch. Quick, check it out!

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Up to the next level, 4G in Belgium: the story continues…

Vikings, the 4G story continues! As promised, it’s our task to inform you about the latest developments concerning 4G. All Samsung and iPhones users heads up! These updates are especially meant for you!

Samsung users

In our last blog update about 4G, we mentioned that Samsung released a software update for the Galaxy S4 device. Due to some minor issues Samsung has experienced, they temporarily removed this update from their servers. No worries, the new software (usually together with Android 4.3) will be available pretty soon, approximately within a few days. When the time has come, you Vikings will receive a notification on your phone. :-)

Here’s what to do:

  • Vikings who already updated their Galaxy S4 device:
      You might experience bad battery performances
      You’ll receive a new software notification, then you can complete the installation
  • Vikings with an Galaxy S4 device who haven’t installed the new software update yet:
      If you try to manually install the software now, you’ll be informed that there’s no new software available since Samsung temporarily removed it
      You will receive a new software notification, afterwards you can complete the installation
  • Vikings with other Galaxy devices that support 4G:
      The new software updates will be released later this month
      These devices are: Note 3, Express, S4 Mini, Zoom, Active.

iPhone users
Unfortunately, Apple still hasn’t opened up the 4G network for its iPhone 5, 5c and 5s users :-( . But there might be a little light at the end of the tunnel!

There’s a lot of fuzz about this topic on the web: you’ve probably bumped into a heatened blog post or other discussions already. If you want to support your fellow iPhone users, you can join forces on the following Facebook page or sign this petition. This way, you can help pointing out this very annoying problem to Apple together with your fellow iPhone users and network operators. Hopefully this message will reach Apple so they can act upon it. Because, as you Vikings all know, mobile Internet is a right and this way, you can also strive for it! :-)

Keep us posted about your experiences by filling out our form :-) .

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Mobile Vikings helps starters

Guess you know that already, but we can’t say it often enough: We have a big heart for (young) people realizing their dreams and ideas by starting a company. That’s why we support Start it @kbc, an incubator that literally gives starters a roof over their heads (at the Boerentoren in Antwerp) and – even more importantly – that wants to support and advise them.

The partners of this project are KBC, Accenture, Cronos, Universiteit Antwerpen and Flanders DC. And of course, Mobile Vikings. Our role is to support the starters with telecom and social media advice. We should be able to do that trick, right ;-) ?

So, if you’re interested, please surf to the Start it @kbc website for more information. We would love to meet some Viking/Viqueen entrepreneurs!

And if you can’t get enough or you’re still a student (but one with a big idea), then surf to our former blogpost ‘Bring out the CEO you were always meant to be’, because we support even more start-up projects.

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