New roaming prices

Hi Viking,

The European Union has been fighting the high roaming prices for several years now. Roaming prices are the cost an operator charges when a client is on a network in a foreign country and uses the mobile Internet, sends text messages or makes or receives calls.

An overview of the new roaming prices inside the EU, imposed by the EU
(as of July 1, 2012):

Outgoing calls € 0,35 / minute (VAT incl.)
Incoming calls € 0,10 / minute (VAT incl.)
Outgoing SMS € 0,11 / SMS (VAT incl.)
Data (charged per kb) € 0,85 / MB (VAT incl.)

“So, Mobile Vikings will drop prices even more?”

As a Viking you’ve paid — for over a year now — even less than the imposed prices while surfing in the EU.
So, our data roaming prices inside the EU will stay the same as of July 1, 2012, and that means they’ll still be more than € 0,30 lower than the imposed prices!

And what else does Mobile Vikings do when it comes to surfing in the EU?
We expand our regions, we offer more countries where you can surf at € 0,50 per MB! Have a quick look on

Calling and texting in the EU will also be cheaper as of July 1.
And yes, we’re still cheaper than the imposed guidelines. Have a look at the list below.

An overview of the new roaming prices inside the EU, at Mobile Vikings
(as of July 1, 2012):

Outgoing calls
(per second after the first 30 seconds)
€ 0,33 / minute (VAT incl.)
Incoming calls
(per second after the first 30 seconds)
€ 0,09 / minute (VAT incl.)
Outgoing SMS € 0,10 / SMS (VAT incl.)
Incoming SMS € 0 / SMS (VAT incl.)
Data (charged per kb) € 0,50 / MB (VAT incl.)

Nice, don’t you think?

Check out all the roaming prices for more info about roaming.

So, going on holidays this summer? Enjoy!
Staying home? Holidays are overrated anyways ;-)

The Mobile Vikings Team

PS: Still have a question about the roaming price plans? Just ask us!

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4 Responses to New roaming prices

  1. Hans says:

    nice and thanks… but waiting for albania, croatia, bosnia, montenegro… because I travel to these beautiful countries every year… still high rates over there…
    so, you awesome Vikings, make me happy soon :-)

  2. tom says:

    awesome, thanks!

  3. Stijn says:

    Awesome! It’s time to go on holydays! :-)
    Really love the new roaming-prices…

  4. vanfruniken says:

    €0.5/MB is OK, I guess, as far as the basic international data roaming rate goes (but still prohibitively expensive, e.g., €50/100MB — that is already in addition to the monthly €15, which doesn’t buy you ANY international data access).

    If one needs quite a bit of internet access, e.g., using an iPad on a trip to Spain for looking up hotels, looking a Maps, etc., then several hundreds of MB are needed, if not GB).

    I’ve been looking to join Mobile Vikings, but the singlemost important criterion is the availability of reasonably priced international data roaming packages?

    Why doesn’t MV offer, e.g., 500MB for €15, or 1GB for €25.

    If you did, your number of subscribers would quickly exceed 200k.
    I for one, would join MV immediately.

    Come’on MV, it doesn’t cost anything for data traffic to cross national borders, except maybe a compensation for the national operator one is data roaming with.
    It is true that the roaming operator also wants a cut, but my point is that this shouldn’t be too much.
    If in Spain, one can get a SIM for €8/mo (from Yoigo) that buys you 2GB/mo, the additional charge for foreign SIM cards to data roam in Spain shouldn’t be more that.

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