In for a unique experience behind the scenes?

Update 10/5/2012: And our winners are…

Rune Gerets, Christophe Lambrechts, Nick Dillen and Steven Boumon!!! Congrats! You’ve won an exclusive invitation for you and your partner, friend or colleague to have a look behind the scenes of the movie ‘&ME’. You will receive a confirmation mail with all the information in it.

We wish you a great (and romantic!) evening!

Imagine…Three people – one from Sitges, one from Berlin and one from Amsterdam – meet in Brussels, city of unification. All searching for love, because “l’amour c’est bizarre”.

That is what the romantic tragicomedy ‘&ME’ is about, which will be released in February 2013. The shoots are taking place in Belgium right now.
On May 22, the crew will be at Central Station in Brussels. We can invite 4 Vikings with their partner, friend or colleague to those shoots (so we give away 4X2 entrances to the shoots), at 6pm.

So do you want to take a look behind the scenes of a movie? Curious how a film is made? Want to know why ‘l’amour c’est bizarre’? Or do you have another very Viking reason to show up?
Then fill out the form below until May 9, 11pm. On the 10th of May we will announce the four winners. Those are the ones having the first question right, and being closest to the subsidiary question.

Good luck!

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