And the winners are…

Update 24/08 – One week ago, our winners got their private festival BBQ. Others subscribed for free Weber fingerfood and Vedett drinks in our invite-only Viking Area. If you missed out on all this fun or if you want to relive the experience, take a look at the event video. Make sure you stay tuned, because the Viking Area might return in the future. So maybe you’ll win your own private Viking experience one day!


Many of you uploaded their photo for the Mobile Vikings BBQ competition! Now that it’s all over, we’re very happy to announce the six winners. Every winner can invite nine friends for an amazing private festival BBQ, powered by Mobile Vikings, WeberExperience and Vedett. So here they are:

Soetkin Pauls
Xenia Eechaut
Jan Lambrecht
Kim Vanbrabant
Jonas Van Laere
Thomas Stroobants

All six received an email containing all the information they need, as well as nine vouchers for their friends!

Thanks to the speed of the Vikings, the subscription lists for our Viking area (every festival day between 2 pm and 4 pm) are now full as well. The fastest 50 Vikings per festival day will get an invitation by email this afternoon.

See you all at the festival!

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6 Responses to And the winners are…

  1. Marc Beertens says:

    I would like to visit you on Thursday 16/08


    Marc Beertens

  2. Jochen Colla says:

    Jawel, Miss Mobile Vikings, ook ik wil graag een bezoek brengen en dit komende zaterdag!

  3. Frederic Naudts says:

    Is er nog plaats over voor zaterdag 18/08?


  4. Sophie says:

    Hoi! Is er nog een plaatsje vrij op zaterdag?

  5. Chris says:

    Ik wil ook wel eens langskomen op zaterdag, als er nog plaats is!

  6. OK Better luck next time. And Congratulations to all the six winners. All of them are going to have a great time at the festival

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