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How to use MMS on an HTC windows 7 phone

Tweet We at Mobile Vikings Headquarters were not sure how to do this. But one of our users, Johan Peeters, responded to our question on Twitter and explained us how he did it. You will need to download the “connection … Continue reading

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Blackberry sur Mobile Vikings

Tweet Pour ceux qui ont des problèmes à configurer leur BlackBerry: Servicebook+FB 1.6: Désactivez 0. Wi-Fi -Naviguez vers «gérer connections » et désactivez le Wifi 1. Activez mode Legacy SB Restore – Allez vers « options »>>> « options … Continue reading

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Callum reports on his internship!

Tweet Callum did a one week internship with us in january. We asked him to make a report about his experience with us and here you have it! My week as an internviking Okay so i would like to start … Continue reading

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Advanced Blackberry on Mobile Vikings (dutch)

Tweet Voor mensen die problemen hebben met het instellen van hun BB: Servicebook+FB 1.6: 0. Wi-Fi uitschakelen – Ga naar Verbindingen beheren en schakel Wi-Fi uit 1. Enable Legacy SB Restore mode – Ga naar Opties >Geavanceerde opties >Service … Continue reading

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Setting up your Blackberry with Mobile Vikings

Tweet 1. Enter the connection parameters On the overview screen of your blackberry, select ʻoptionsʼ Go to ʻAdvanced Optionsʼ. In the next screen select ʻTCI/IPʼ In this screen, you mark both checkboxes and enter the following: APN: Username: internet … Continue reading

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MMS on iPhone 4

Tweet Quite a few Mobile Vikings told us they have trouble getting MMS working on an iPhone 4. Here are the correct settings. Lots of thanks to Jeroen De Bodt! After filling this out, you will need to reboot your … Continue reading

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Mobile Vikings and Music For Life!


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