100.000 Vikings = 1h/day of free calls to other Mobile Vikings + an invite for VikingDay

Harr harr hurray! We made it: We have reached 100.000 Vikings. Thanks for your trust!
That means 1 hour of free calls per day to other Mobile Vikings and a celebration on June 2 in Oostende.

Free calls

As promised you can call other Mobile Vikings for free one hour per day.

  • The advantage is valid from 1/6/2012 until 31/5/2013.
  • If you have an active bundle (SMS and internet) on 1/6/2012 or if you reload as of 1/6/2012, you get this extra bundle.
  • One hour equals 60 minutes, starting at 00:01 and ending at midnight.

Find more details about the free call bundle.

VikingDay on June 2

We want to celebrate with you, at the beach of Oostende (not far from Kinepolis, check out the VikingSpot). Subscription is required, so do it now!! Subscriptions close on May 25.

What to expect?

  • 2 – 2:30 pm: we wait for you at the beach in Oostende. You get a warm welcome and tickets for drinks and a hot dog.
  • 2:30 – 3pm: Hans throws his ax and like that the winner of the journey to Norway and of the VikingCard with €250 on it will be known (more information via the website of VikingLand.
  • 3pm – 5:30 pm: want to know with whom you can call for free the next year? Meet the other Vikings via a ‘get to know-event’, a game of Viking Kubb, surf lessons (if the weather is fine so not the virtual stuff ;-) ), war tugging or in the cozy corner.
  • Get to know the website www.CheapTickets.be and play the ‘Choose & Win’ game. Maybe you’ll win one of the discount codes for airplane tickets (€ 10 or € 20). The main price? A citytrip for 2!

Yesss, take me to the subscription form.

Thank you to our partners:

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15 Responses to 100.000 Vikings = 1h/day of free calls to other Mobile Vikings + an invite for VikingDay

  1. Bart says:

    So no “free calls” for the Data Only customers :(

    • Amy Zee says:

      Indeed. No free calls, but that is no free calls because you can’t “call.” over Data Only. Yes, you have VoIP, but this is real calling credit we’re talking about, not VoIP.

  2. Arnaud says:

    Is it also available for the customers who get a VM account from now ??

    For exemple: I want that my girlfriend take a VM SIM (next week…) to calling her 1hr/day…It’s working ?

  3. nobeat says:

    does thim mean we get the hour each day or only on 1/6/2012 and the day we reload?

    • Arnaud says:

      from 1/06/2012 till 31/05/2013…Each time you reloaed your SIM, you receive SMS/DATA + 1hour/day free call

      • David says:

        Yes but does it mean that everyday we get one hour?
        F.E : I realoaded the 1st June, I get 60minutes to call Viking’s number, on the 2nd I call 60minutes. Do I get another hour on the 3rd?

        We can understand this because it’s written per day ;-)

        Thanks in advance

  4. Jan says:

    So, when do we get our secret viking handshake?

  5. Stijn Henricus says:

    Jan has a good point!

  6. Mobile Vikings says:

    @Bart @Amy Zee : indeed. It is valid for the full options.
    @nobeat: EVERY DAY :-)
    @Jan: secret viking handshake?

  7. YLA G says:


    die 100.000 is echt wel snel gelopen van september tot nu!

  8. David says:

    Great news, I’ll convince more people to change if we get free minutes from Viking to Viking’s numbers

  9. Mobile Vikings says:

    @Jan @Stijn: can you do a suggestion for a secret handshake?
    @Yla G : inderdaad, allemaal dankzij jullie Vikings :-)
    @David: thanks and thanks :-) You Vikings rock!

  10. Jammer dat we slechts 1 persoon kunnen meenemen naar VikingDay.
    Anders had ik graag aanwezig geweest met meer dan 1 vriend.

  11. Bart Crijns says:

    Arrrr, we made it… contratulations Mobile Vikings!!

    So, after reaching our target way ahead of time, why not set another ambitious milestone with a fitting reward (although I don’t really know what, so suggestions, anyone?). Another 50k members in the next 8 months or so maybe?

    Possible reward: free calls period is extended by one extra year

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