Win a free ticket for the Open Belgium Conference

Update – 14/2: We have our winners! Thanks for taking share in our quiz. The winners will soon receive an email with their free ticket.

Next Monday (February 17) the Open Belgium Conference 2014 takes place in Ghent. And we have 10 tickets to hand out to you Vikings!

So are you also convinced everyone should have free access to all kinds of data? That the Internet must become a big knowledge base, free for all of you, that you can take this data, include your knowledge and redistribute it without any trouble? Then the Open Belgium Conference is the place to be for you!

How can you claim your free ticket? Just fill out the form below. The competition ends this Friday (February 14) at noon. The winners will be contacted by email to receive their free code.

Good luck!

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Send a secret Valentine’s gift with Viking Cupid

Update – 13/2: Thank you Vikings for sending your lovely letters to Viking Cupid. The 3 secret Valentine’s gifts are on their way. Too bad we can’t tell the winners in public ;-) . The winners have received an email already.

Almost Valentine’s Day! Can you feel the love in the air? We Vikings do!

Are you crazy about that Viqueen or Viking with the curly, blond hair, but don’t know how to tell? Here’s a solution, we’ll send him or her a lovely, little Valentine’s gift from his or her secret admirer. Maybe that’ll convince you to finally declare your eternal Viking love and live happily ever after together ;-) .

How does it work? Well, just tell us why that special person deserves a Valentine’s gift and above all deserves your Viking love. We’ll pick the 3 most romantic requests, let the winners know they won and send the secret Viking love packages on their way!

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Coverage map – December 2013

And the coverage map is back! Below, you see our network coverage in December 2013. Jump also to Viking Bram Vandeperre’s project and see how every month again, the map turns a little more dark blue.

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Meet our TechViking for developer news and events

Hey, hello Vikings, you know our Doctor Viking, right? The one who helps you with all your questions on our blog? Well, today we are happy to introduce you to our Technology Viking or TechViking!

He’s up to date about the latest technologies, he crunches code for breakfast and he’s the one who keeps you posted about all Mobile Vikings technology news and events.

So you developers, programmers and other creatives: grab your agendas and mark these days:

You can also check out the calendar on our website and follow our developer news and events on our Twitter page via #TechViking.

PS: With a community developing new stuff to innovate and inspire the world, we’re one step closer to know our number 1 goal: Vikings taking over the world ;-) ! Oh, and it’s TechViking, not TechnoViking (that’s someone else ;-) ).

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Vikings can top up using Bitcoin!

Hi Vikings!

Are you the owner of one of the 12,134,625 Bitcoins that are in circulation at the moment? Hurray! Then you’re one of the lucky geeks who can top up using Bitcoin.

Our Bitcoin integration is available through BitPay and can be used alongside other payment services, like Visa, Paypal, Easy Payment, Bancontact/Mister Cash, MasterCard, bank transfer and Viking Points. That’s a hell of a list, isn’t it? Well, anything to make your prepaid life more easy, dear Vikings!

Bit what?
Bitcoin is a digital currency that’s used in a peer-to-peer online financial network that people use to send payments from one person to another. Bitcoin is secure, because the transactions are with a strong cryptography. It is also decentralized; the network functions without the intermediation of a central authority. The managing of transactions is carried out collectively by the network. And therefore, you have minimal fees.

Want to know more about Bitcoin? Have a look at this video:

More info? Of course! We tell you more about it in our FAQ.


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Mobile Vikings helps stimulating ICT innovation

It may not come as a surprise to you Vikings, but we’re always keeping up with new (software) technologies: testing the latest ICT releases, attending or organizing developer meetups, inventing stuff in the FabLab, you name it. That’s why we shook hands with iMinds, an independent research institute founded by the Flemish government to stimulate ICT innovation. Next to VITO, Barco, Televic, UP-nxt and Alcatel-Lucent, Mobile Vikings is honored to join the partner list of iMinds.

So, what are our plans exactly?
You know we support co-creation and take your fabulous ideas to heart. Together with iMinds, we want to cheer on this and foster ideas and concepts for new applications on top of our mobile platform. If an awesome and useful idea stands, we also want to develop them, test them and even bring them to the market!
Listen close Vikings, if we succeed… just maybe, together with iMinds, we’re gonna take over the (ICT) world (or Flanders), muhahahaaargh ;-) !

Mobile Viking + iMinds = win win win!
You might also remember our iMinds competition a few weeks ago, where we handed out free tickets to the iMinds conference. Well, apart from the free tickets competition, there was also a fun photo booth with our helmets during the after party of the conference. Afterwards, these photos were posted on the iMinds Facebook page and the photo with the most likes could win half a year of Mobile Vikings for free (that’s 6 x Viking Points or 6 x € 15 calling credit).
So, congratulations to Eliza G. B.! You’re the happy winner and you will soon receive your free top-ups and an email from us!

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Knarr on Christmas Tour: big thanks to all of you!

Our Christmas Tour has come to an end. 5 days long, we and our Knarr sleigh visited 5 different cities to raise money for charity together with you. For each Viking who showed up between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm, we would donate € 10 to a local charity with a maximum of € 500.

So let’s have a look at what we collected:

That’s a total of € 1550 to the 5 different charities. Not bad, huh? And this is all because of you Vikings, so thank you! You guys and girls rock :-) ! You didn’t care about the cold weather or about the distance. You came to visit us anyway for a lovely chat and a hot chocolate. Some of you even ran across the street with a helmet on to collect more Vikings. We can’t stress it enough, thank you!

But, apart from your good deeds, you must be curious about the winning city from our city challenge ;-) .
The winning city is… Leuven! Huzzah!

It was a close one! Congratulations to the 99 Vikings who showed up, you managed to defeat Kortrijk with its 82 Vikings. Every Viking who was present in Leuven will soon receive a top-up of 150 Viking Points (that’s € 15 calling credit). A nice little extra Christmas gift under your tree from us :-) .

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Our colleagues from CityLife invite you to the… Leuvense Kerstmarkt!

Hello Vikings,

News update! At our headquarters, we’re not only working on constant improvements for Mobile Vikings, we’re also developing a few other products.

And today, our colleagues from CityLife would like to invite you to their next event. But first: not sure yet what CityLife is or does? Well, CityLife rewards people (like you Vikings for example) when spending time in the city of Leuven and shopping or dining at businesses that are participating in CityLife. For example: you’re going shopping in Leuven for the day and you buy a jacket at one of the CityLife merchants. The shop owner can reward you for shopping at his place by giving you loyalty points, called ‘fonskes’.You can save these and earn more at other CityLife merchants and later exchange them for other rewards, like a free coffee after a hard day of shopping or a discount for the perfect scarf to go with that new jacket. More info on

Want to see the CityLife peops at their best? Pay them a visit at the Leuvense Kerstmarkt from December 12 to 22 and see it all first hand. Look for the big light blue tent (stand number 134) and tell ‘m you’re a Viking: they’ll get you started with CityLife in just a few seconds. And just for being a cool Viking, they might even gift you your very first points ;-) .

Feel like having CityLife in your city too? Let our CityLife colleagues know via their Facebook page or Twitter feed @citylifeBE.

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Tip from Doctor Viking #19: the Reminder Service or how to know exactly when you can become a Viking

Doctor Viking presents his latest remarkable invention: the Reminder Service! The Reminder Service informs someone by email as soon as he or she can request a number transfer. So if your friend is still tied up to a fixed contract with another provider, he or she can be sure to hop on the Viking ship without waiting on shore for too long. Once your friend is on the ship, he or she can of course also take part in our popular becomeaviking campaign. ;-)

Where can I find the Reminder Service?
Interested? You can find a link to the Reminder Service on this page or you can pay a visit to our website: just click the link ‘Remind me when I can become a Viking‘, which can be found beneath the overview of our price plans and the ‘request SIM‘ button.

How does the Reminder Service work?
Doctor Viking made it very easy. You only have to fill out three things:

  • Your current subscription type (prepaid, contract or business contract).
  • The start or end date of your subscription.
  • Your email address.

  • The ingenious Reminder Service engine will calculate as from which date you can request your number transfer. Doctor Viking will remind you in time by email. Easy peasy, isn’t it?

    Even if you don’t want to request a SIM card yet, you can create a true Viking account by following the steps of the Reminder Service. Once you’ve got an account, you can start gathering free top-ups by taking part in our becomeaviking campaign.

    So spread the word when you gather around a Christmas tree! Tell your friends they can use the Reminder Service, let them fill out the form and welcome them to the Viking crew ;-) .

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    Help Santa to help you!

    A knitted sweater, a pair of socks, a (too) flashy scarf, … Hmm, looks exactly like your list of presents you will receive this year? Well, looks like Santa can really use some inspiration. Luckily, we’ve created the Viking Xmas tools!

    These tools allow you to give Santa a subtle hint of what you need. And that is, of course, a top-up of Mobile Vikings! Amongst our Xmas tools you can find a Viking cover to embellish your Facebook account (‘cause we all know Santa is watching you on Facebook), or an unmistakable message which you can share on Facebook or Twitter! And oh, you can choose your own Viking theme! Several Vikings posed for our camera.

    Or is your Santa Claus not that digital? The Viking Christmas bauble and sock are your solution! Download, print, fold and find a nice place in your Christmas tree. That’s the secret of a nice Christmas with a Viking touch. Oh, and don’t forget to sign it. It would be a pity if Santa was sorely mistaken and gave it to someone else.

    For all the Santa’s reading this: grasped the subtle hint? Go straight to our gift page and choose your favorite Viking Christmas card. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want one of these underneath the Christmas tree?

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